Iguanas Grill North Liberty, Iowa

August 26, 2008

Iguanas Grill Buffet

Iguana's Grill Buffet

Every week for the past two or so years, (maybe 3) my coworkers Dr. Wayne, Jennifer, and I have gone to Iguanas almost every week for lunch. Occasionally we change it up, but Iguana’s we never get sick of. Typically, we have ordered the Chicken Chimichanga but have since started ordering the buffet, speedy gonzales, lunch fajitas, and quesadillas. We haven’t been disappointed in any of these items. The service is generally quick, friendly, and courteous. They start by getting you a basket of warm tortilla chips and salsa. Eventually, they’ll get your order and within 15 minutes you usually have your lunch.

The prices are reasonable and the food is great. They just started offering the buffet this year, and have worked out all the kinks so now it’s usually great. With items on the buffet such as chimichangas, quesadillas (beef and chicken), burritos, fruit, salad, chips, rice, beans, refried beans, tortillas to make your own burrito or taco. Those are the basics, some items may vary.

If you’re in North Liberty, check it out. You won’t be disappointed.

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I am a mom, a wife, and right now, a stay at home mom. I like to write, I love my family, which includes our pets. I like coffee, making my own "stuff," knitting, crocheting, baking, coffee, and photography. I have a sharp tongue, I tend to say it like it is, I'm fairly pragmatic, it's part of being from Iowa I guess. I don't take a lot of guff, but I love ferociously.

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  1. PS. They have fantastic fajitas too!

  2. Their food is processed and canned. They have traditional shredded chicken that comes pre-made and tasteless. They are WAY over priced for their portions. Plus everyone looks too over worked and the owner or manager always looks like she is fake to everyone. One time we went in and the waitor said they couldnt give us seconds on chips because the owner said no, and he would have to charge!! talk about cheap! I used to be greeted by a friendly face everytime i went in there now i am afraid to go up and pay at the counter because the women (manager) looks very intimidating. I dont think the recent changes really helped the business. I miss the old iguanas with friendly managment, lower prices and decent portions. now i have a new friday night spot.

  3. I just want to say that I’ve never EVER had this kind of experience at Iguanas. I decided to accept this comment because of the nature of this blog. It’s not necessarily a food “review” blog, however, it’s good to know ALL experiences at these restaurants, good or bad. So though I don’t agree with this comment personally, I don’t want to negate anyone else’s opinion.

  4. Local Business Owner

    I have been to Iguanas several times the service is always wonderful and the food is always very good. I think the pricing is comparable to other restaurants around. I would rate this restaurant a 4 out of 5.

  5. I would have to say, the service is very good. I stumbled on your web site while looking for a general email for them. We went last week and they raised there prices again. It isn’t comparable to other local resturants- their meals are 2 to 3 dollars more. I was insulted by her tone and lack of interest when I went to go pay, we tried to tell her about our experience and she rushed us aside.

    The food arrived late and was cold. We told the waiter, and he spoke to the manager standing in the front of the store; and she didnt even come over to our table. The waiter came back and asked us if we would like them to remake it.

    I didn’t want to wait another 35 minutes so we said no, drank our drinks, paid then left. Thats too bad I can not contact the owner about this.

    I would rather express my experience to them. All other times have been okay. I do notice a slight change but didn’t know it was because they changed managment. I guess that explains alot.

    • eatlocaliowa

      I have to admit, I was a bit surprised by the increase in price as well. They’ve also changed a lot of the recipes and they have done away with refried beans, which doesn’t make us very happy either. I wish they would remain consistent. We’ve started going to other places more often because we never know whether or not we’ll have a good meal. I hope they look at this blog and “hear” our pleas. Too bad about your experience.

  6. I had the most unbelievable experience here…not in a good way. After ordering a dish with no crab meat, my food came back chock full of imitation crab meat following a full hour of waiting, which was ok because I was enjoying my company 🙂 However, I could not wait another hour for food as my guest had almost finished eating. The waiter graciously apologized. As my guest finished up, I stepped out to get cash for the tip. When I returned, to my surprise, the manager rushed over and exclaimed, “Pay your bill and get out or we will call the police, we don’t want your business anymore!” What?!?!?!Huh?!? This came completely out of the blue.

    But what happened next absolutely floored me even more. After questioning the angered man, he recognized his foolishness, grabbed a chair, sat down, and said, among other things,” I’m sorry, I don’t know how to say this. I thought you were going to try not to pay the bill because you are black.” The waiter had already informed him that he made a mistake before he even approached us! And we did nothing to make him think we wouldn’t pay. The angry man then tried to blame it on the waiter, claiming that it’s hard for him to communicate and issues come up a lot. I suggested if this is a recurring problem, perhaps he should have a training session for a day and have the waiter write down the order and reaffirm it with the customer rather than reporting off of memory. Oh yeah, and that he shouldn’t make assumptions about anybody just because of how they look. Don’t discriminate Sir! Basic stuff. The angry man goes on, “I can tell you are different than the others, the way you talk.” This is just sad now. He also victimized himself, claiming that he acted like that because people “think low of Mexicans”. Well I didn’t! And I still dont. I let him know he is the FIRST Mexican that has ever disrespected us, and the first time we’ve ever experienced disrespect like that in an Iowa restaurant, regardless of the color of who runs the establishment. After that free Dr. Phil session and an absolute push to pay our bill (though he tried to “make it free,” there was no way we were leaving without paying our bill), we left still in shock at what happened. Needless to say, I won’t be returning. I will stick with Azul’s, where the mood and food is great, the staff don’t blatantly discriminate, and the bill always get paid 🙂 .

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