Alger’s Pizza Palace Mount Vernon, Iowa

Located on the Main Street in the Historic College town (Home of Cornell College) of Mount Vernon, (we all know College kids take their pizza very VERY seriously) lies a Royal little pizza place called Pizza Palace.

Hawaiian Thick Crust Pizza

Hawaiian Thick Crust Pizza

Oh yum.  Is all I have to say.  Andrew, Brighton, and I stopped by there on a Thursday evening.  The place was almost empty less a few late comers such as ourselves, but the pizza (we ordered the Hawaiian with a thick crust) was absolutely outstanding.

Made by the owner himself, Rawley Alger, the cheese was perfectly melted and browned, the crust was crispy and full of flavor, the ingredients including pineapple and Canadian bacon, didn’t “wet” the pizza down like Hawaiian pizza can sometimes be.  Instead, it was wonderfully fresh and just about the most perfect pizza I have ever had.    In addition, the price is extremely reasonable, the service is excellent, and the atmosphere is fun and feels very historic and homey.  A large Hawaiian pizza costs the same, maybe a dollar more, than a large Casey’s specialty pizza on sale.  And for the price of about $14, you get local service, great food, and you get to support a locally and family owned (since 1986) business.  Which just makes it taste a little better… 🙂

Alger’s Pizza Palace is located at 106 1st Street West in Mount Vernon Iowa.  Their phone number (for carry out!) is (319) 895-6971.  If you visit, you can pass the time by searching the mural on the wall for the treasure hunt items listed in the middle on the list. Extra points if you can find the mice (of which only 3 people know the locations of…)

If any coupons are available, you can find them here.

Find out more about Mount Vernon here.

Find out more about Mount Vernon Commerce here.

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  1. Nice to see someone else blogging about eat out. I just started my blog today and plan on posting about my weekly eats. I also own a website called – check it out if you are ever planning a road trip to Des Moines. Later – Cory

  2. Crystal And Rawley

    We are glad you enjoyed your Thursday night with us here at the Pizza Palace. 🙂 The Hawaiian Delight pizza you chose is one of our more popular pizzas, just behind the Taco and the “Everything”, on which we add pineapple and sauerkraut.

    Thank you for stopping in and we hope to see you soon! As Rawley always says “Any day is a pizza day!”

  3. MMM…..just the photo alone has sold us on visiting Alger’s VERY SOON!!! Thanks for a great blog!

  4. Jen, thank you for your comment! I know you will NOT be disappointed! Tell them you saw the blog!

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