My Friend Sharon and I decided we were tired of eating out at big name chains, getting the same crappy food, the same crappy service, and paying the same high price tag. Not to mention, going home feeling a little ill. So we decided to drag our husbands out occasionally for some good local dining.

So far, this plan has failed, mostly due to conflicting work schedules and busy lifestyles. We managed to hit a local small town bar and grill called Hale Tap in Hale, Iowa. The guys had prime rib and us girls had broasted chicken. While in the restroom, I had the brilliant idea to blog our findings. It caught my attention that the bathroom was surprisingly clean for a B&G in the middle of nowhere and I thought “someone should tell people about this place” and so the blog was born.

A little about Navigating this site. To the right, there are several categories. If you are looking for any of these specifically, for example “family friendly,” just click on it and it will bring up all the entries with family friendly restaurants. Pretty Easy. You can also click on the flicker widget to the right to view other photos of the restaurants I’ve visited since I only add one or two photos on the blog itself. When you get to Flickr, go to the All About Iowa collection and then click on the Eat Local Iowa set. I would also like to mention that all the photos unless otherwise stated have been taken by me or my husband. Please don’t use them without our permission. (You can’t copy them from Flickr…)

🙂 Enjoy!

About Me:

I am a mom to two, one girl and one boy, who incidentially is a pancake connoisseur (keep an eye out for his pancake review.) I am a wife and I live in rural Iowa. My husband is the chef in our house and we’re trying to make better food choices for our family. Cutting out processed foods and incorporating local fresh produce, as well as making easy staples like yogurt, cheese, butter. Though getting good local produce is hard to find here in Iowa during the winter. Thankfully, we are able to have our own garden, kept mostly pest free by a couple of ducks, and for the most part without chemical fertilizers. Though, not 100% just yet. We’re learning.

I am not a chef, but I am a chronic DIY-er. My husband does most of the cooking in our house as of late, but soon I will assume this task, at least half time. I am learning the art of making the staples we use daily, and those things will be found on my bipedalmadness blog. A blog dedicated to my family life. This page can also be found on Facebook! Come over and say hello!

I love coffee, and will probably frequently blog about them. And no, the HyVee Starbucks does not count. I also love good wine and beer. My husband has taken up the hobby of home brew. So far so good. So we’re always looking for good local wines and beer buffets to test. Let us know if you find one!

Please feel free to leave comments!! (but please note, all comments are moderated)

Have some place you would like to suggest? Send me an email at eatlocaliowa@gmail.com

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  1. If you liked the Hale Tap, you really owe it to yourself to visit on a Friday night when they have their Walleye Special!

  2. I will do that!! Thanks!

  3. Love your blog!! I wanted to suggest you visit the Mill Creek Cafe in Clarence. AWESOME food, and pie that will make you want to order another five pieces after the first!! 🙂

  4. Colleen Rodgers

    Hi Jen,
    I found this while doing a websearch for Charlotte’s deli in N.Liberty. Thought you’d might be interested in what we raise at our farm: Highland Vista Farm in rural Wellman, Iowa.
    We sell Pasture Raised Beef, Fresh Air Pork, Pasture Raised Eggs & Chickens.
    We’re listed on localharvest.org and eatwild.com if you’d like to read more.
    You just sound like so many of our customers.
    No need to publish this if you don’t want to.
    Thanks for the blog on Charlotte’s….We’re hoping to go next weekend when my folks are in town.
    Colleen Rodgers

    • Hi Colleen! Thanks for the information! Perhaps I can come visit you sometime? I’d love to write about your place and give you some more exposure. I’m glad you liked the blog on Charlotte’s!

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